The 4 Benefits of Hiring Trained Security Personnel

The word business itself attracts risks where there are risks of finances, losses, property, and the primary risk factor is the continuous threats from competitors or miscreants due to reasons whatsoever. It isn’t always possible to take necessary precautions to prevent these risks either to a person or the business premises. There is a solution to this where hiring security guards can help you and your premises to stay safe from any external harm.

You would randomly find security guards on hire as they are special people having necessary skills to deal with miscreants either by using physical force of with arms. They receive special training to deal with an external strength and accordingly are prepared to protect their clients whenever required. They are often associated with security agencies that outsource them to customers who need them. The major traits of a capable security guard are that they are well built and are strong having the ability to deal with troublemakers. Having them as guards for physical protection at your business premises has several benefits to its name.

• A feeling of being safe – While they are around on your premises, it is not only you would feel safe but also the employees and guests. Having business located in high-risk areas or dealing with expensive products would often attract disturbances and thus having security in the premises would make the employees feel safe. Your customers and guests would also feel that you are concerned about their wellbeing.
• Prevention of crime – Crimes such as physical attack, robbery, etc. can be prevented when there are security guards on your premises. Outsiders with a mind to create a nuisance or perform acts of theft may be avoided when there is a presence of such security personnel.
• Additional security – Apart from providing security personnel, the security services often provide other security services such as CCTV cameras, alarms, sirens, etc. These personnel are trained to take care of all such security systems and know how to handle each one of it when in need.
• Saves up on money – Hiring an employee to take care of the security services would cost more as you would have to train them to ensure safety. On the other hand, while you hire a professional service provider, they would be deploying trained experts who have the best knowledge and experience of tackling grave situations. This would help you save up on money that would be otherwise incurred in training new employees for security.

Apartment Block Security

Security in an apartment block is essential especially if there are children and elderly people residing in it. All the side entrances and emergency doors to the apartment building should have door bolts. Also, all entrance doors to every apartment should have effective locks such as deadbolt locks that cannot be opened with a penknife or ATM card. It can be useful to have a door lock that doesn’t need a key to open from the inside. This type of lock is very helpful in case of emergency such as fires and earthquakes. Aside from installing effective locks, it is also crucial that the doors be solid wood or metal to provide strength.

Reliable door entry buzzer systems should be installed in order to secure apartment buildings. Multi-dwelling entry door buzzers are available for any type of building requirement that are a cost effective solution. With the installation of door entry buzzer system with audio and video features, the apartment dwellers will have the facility to see visitors at the door, thus enhancing security. It is a good idea for the building administrator to keep a list of regular visitors for each apartment unit for reference in case of necessity.

However, even if the most effective security system is installed in a building, but some apartment owners are not cooperative in maintaining safety and security; the security system is useless. Therefore, it is very essential to work with other owners and tenants in an apartment block to make sure that all doors are kept locked and all visitors are monitored. Tenants should not open the door unless the visitor has identified themselves. Also, tenants should not hold the building entrance door open to let strangers enter behind them. If the entry buzzer system is maintained properly and tenants cooperate, there is no need for a security guard to watch the apartment block.

Security in an apartment block can also be provided by proper lighting. All walkways, entrances, and hallways should be well lighted in order to deter crimes. If a light bulb replacement is needed, make sure that you report immediately to the landlord, or you may replace it and report afterwards. It is also critical that a secure door at the parking garage is maintained. The garage parking area is a common target of thieves to enter the apartment building. Thieves usually sneak in behinds tenants who are entering the building. This area in the building should also be well lighted.

Why Do Apartments Conduct Criminal Background Checks?

Most apartments conduct criminal background checks, or so they state on their application. This is usually mandated by certain federal laws and state laws but also many landlords simply want to protect themselves. If you have a criminal record, you will discover that it is harder being approved for a decent apartment. Many apartments claim that their beef is with felony convictions but people with misdemeanors can also find themselves staring at denial letters.

One of the reasons why landlords conduct criminal background checks is to protect other tenants within that community housing. Many landlords actually take their cues from police departments which are instrumental in training apartment management on ways to screen tenants. Their rationale is that it is better to be safe than sorry. A tenant who will cause future problems can be identified early during the application process.

Landlords also know that if there are criminal elements residing in the community, there is a likelihood that police activity will be forthcoming. Regular or constant police visits to the apartment complex aggravates the other tenants and may even cause them to make the decision not to renew their leases. This is what the apartment management fear the most and is usually the main reason they insist on conducting criminal background checks.

Another reason why apartment landlords and property managers conduct criminal screening is because they want to protect their rental property prices. The more crimes are committed in the apartment complex, the more the entire community gains notoriety as an unsafe neighborhood. This has the domino effect of causing existing tenants not to renew their leases and prospective tenants to avoid that complex. When this happens, rental prices plummet and the management firm finds itself with less and less profit. Crimes committed in the apartment complex can also subject the management and owner to lawsuits from other tenants who may claim that the management lacks the will or the ability to offer adequate security.

Apartment managers also conduct criminal background checks because they want to adhere to local, state and federal laws. The PATRIOT ACT, which was enacted as a response to the September 11, 1991 terror attacks has certain clauses within it which call for proper identification and screening of prospective tenants.

We therefore see that it is harder and harder for criminal convicts to get away from their past when leasing an apartment since most apartment complexes now require a criminal background checks. This can result in undue frustration on the part of the tenant who in most cases has reformed and is now a law-abiding citizen. Many tenants end up trying to find ways of getting approved even with a criminal record. This is not entirely impossible if you have the knowledge of how to do it.