Living in an Apartment Versus Living in Your Own Home

As the economic recession continues to make its full blown impact, more and more families are making the perceptually difficult transition from living in private homes to living in apartments. While no doubt it takes some getting used to, there are a few aspects that one needs to be wary about. In this article, we examine some of the pros and cons of living in apartments, vis-a-vis living in private homes.


Privacy is one factor that is definitely affected, somewhat negatively, when it comes to apartments. There are families all around, and invariably some of them are rather curious about what you are doing. Further, apartments invariably tend to have thinner walls than private homes, with the end result that what you are doing inside your home might also end up getting known by your neighbors, even if you try your best to keep the noise level to the minimum. And in fact if you inverse the situation and heighten the noise element, say when you are having a party at home, there will invariably be protests from your neighbors, which is an unlikely scenario in private homes that often tend to insulate sounds from going too far.

Shared Resources

This is a big help – a big positive, when it comes to apartments. Invariably, a lot of the costs tend to be shared, be it the cost of cable, of allied services such as garbage collection, Internet, and more. The cost of the same things, in private homes, tends to be much higher, as the number of dwellings are much less, and the cost per household is always ascertained on the basis of aggregate cost of the aforementioned, divided by the number of households; with the latter being reasonably higher in number, in the case of apartments, the unit cost for the same for each household tends to be significantly low. That said, shared resources can be a bit of a problem as well; take the case of water – while in your private home, you had the luxury of enjoying your entire water supply, all to yourself, in an apartment, you will have to share the same with all the other occupants of the complex. God forbid, if there is a rationed supply of water in the complex – for whatever reason, chances are good that you will be affected much more by the same, than if you were in your own private home.


The element of privacy that we mentioned earlier, actually has a positive side to it as well; in case of trouble, you have people around you who could assist. In private homes, in case you are alone and find yourself in trouble, chances of somebody else coming to your rescue, simply off the cuff, are quite less. This aspect gets heightened when we take note of the fact that a lot of apartment complexes have additional provisions for security, which is often completely missing, in the case of private homes. Thus, when it comes to the aspect of security, apartments tend to have an edge.


Space is one of the foremost aspects that previous private home owners, now living in apartments, sorely miss. Undoubtedly, apartments tend to have much lesser space. The sizes of the apartments is a major area of concern. Additionally, other aspects such as space in the driveway as well as space to park one’s car(s) also tends to be much less. And if you are thinking of having your own little garden, invariably you might just have to drop the idea altogether! Thus, as you can clearly see, there are both advantages as well as disadvantages to living in apartments. Ultimately, it is about how well you are able to adjust to the same, as well as which are the factors that actually affect you, either way.