Apartments Vs Houses

The comparison between house and apartments started with growing families and shortage of parking area. An apartment provides basic amenities making it more preferable over a house.

Advantages of Apartments:

Low maintenance: Renting a house means maintaining garden, mowing and shoveling, depending upon the rules mentioned in your lease agreement. Renting an apartment means all other maintenance except your apartment will be taken care by the association of apartment and not you.

Professional Management: Owners maintain homes and of course, if you are not rich enough, you cannot afford to hire a supervisor for your garden maintenance. In apartments, there are supervisors, who are well-versed with all the tenancy laws.

Location: Houses are mostly located away from downtown, generally in outer city region, whereas apartments are preferably located in the middle of a downtown.

Tax: You can also avail tax deductions against apartment rentals.

Change: You can just move to another apartment whenever you feel. This excludes the renovation cost as with house. You get a great flexibility with apartments.

Security: Apartments are more secure than houses, as they provide security services too.

Disadvantages of Houses:

Landlords: Rented houses have individual owners and you may be aware of the tenant laws. However, what if landlords are not aware of certain laws, this might create huge dilemma.

Maintenance: Not only the outer area needs care for cleaning, interiors also need extra manpower for maintaining clean environment, as the number of staircases, windows are more than you will find in apartments. As the space is wide, you need extra effort for cleaning them.

Finally, houses often make you introvert, as you will have no immediate neighbors for gossiping or having any type of discussion, so that you can take a break and increase your social circle. In case of emergency, you may find no help from other tenants.