Home Security – Six Top Apartment Security Tips

As recently as eight years ago home ownership was at an all-time high. Part of the reason for that of course was government intervention. Democrats came to the conclusion that home ownership was a right of everybody and it was government’s job to help everybody get a home. So they did away with the traditional requirements of getting a mortgage.

They made it so easy to get a home that people who had no business getting a home got one anyhow-thank you federal government!

This ultimately led to the collapse of the housing market led by literally millions of foreclosures on those same homeowners.

Most of these homeowners were then forced out of their homes. They needed a place to stay. So an unintended consequence of all this has been a rise in the demand for apartments.

Apartment complex owners are enjoying record high occupancy rates.

For those people who live in an apartment complex, they may develop a false sense of security. It is true that more and more complexes have made it more difficult to gain entry, there still hundreds of thousands of them where there is no secondary security point of entry. There is your front door and that’s it!

Every week I read or hear about an apartment dweller who is accosted by a complete stranger. There are several things that apartment dwellers can do to improve their security even if the apartment complex owners won’t.

Several of these tips apply to homes as well. They have been proven over time to be the most effective. So here are the top six apartment security tips to improve your apartment security.

1. Lock your door even when you’re at home. I always suggest that you use some kind of an alarm, preferably a wireless security system. That way if someone breaks in, especially when you’re not there, your neighbors will know.

2. Lock your windows even when you’re at home.

3. Change the locks on your front door. As a new apartment owner you are given keys to your place. You have no idea how many other keys there are floating around. Even if you have to pay for the keys it is worth it for the peace of mind.

4. Don’t develop a false sense of security. Just because there may be an extra security point in your complex, they are not foolproof.

5. Apartment complexes are notorious for shaving costs, especially when it comes to lighting. They are notorious also for poorly lit parking garages and areas in between buildings. The bad guys love darkened areas

6. And lastly, if you don’t have a peephole in your front door, demand that you get one. You should never open your front door unless you absolutely know who is there.

Follow these six apartment security tips then get some home alarms including a wireless security system and you will be way ahead of the game.

Keeping Personal Security a Top Priority

While all of us give importance to a lot of different things in our lives, most of us will agree that one of our top priorities is having total or absolute personal security. Safety is always very important for most people and it is one thing that has become part of what they do all the time. Whether it is going to work, shopping, strolling, or even just staying at home, personal safety is always essential and is always observed. It is common to most individuals to keep safe at all times as it is also a part of our instincts as humans. We really could not predict what will happen to us and knowing that reality will help us understand why we are conscious of our safety. There are a lot of things that can happen to us on any given day and wherever we may be. There are a lot of potentially harmful or dangerous circumstances where we could find ourselves in but that does not mean that if we are always vulnerable to harm, we could not do anything to prevent it from happening. Different people actually have different safety measures being observed but all have the same goal of preventing or avoiding anything that can put their well-being at risk.

Among the most prevalent threats that could put our personal safety at risk are different types of crimes. Robbery, theft, and burglary are just only a few crimes that we could encounter anytime. Aside from those common ones, there are also some serious crimes that we all need to avoid or prevent for us to be safe. There are a lot of preventive measures that we can do against these types of acts and one of the most popular solutions is to learn the art of self defense. We have plenty to choose from as we can enroll in martial arts, self defense crash courses, and use non-lethal weapons such as a taser gun or a stun gun. A little sacrifice is what people need to invest some of their time in learning those stuff and enhance their personal security.

Apart from crimes that we have to deal with, there is also another type of event that could put our safety at risk. Natural calamities may or may not be detected by experts so we also have to prepare for them. It would be ideal if we follow safety requirements implemented by local authorities so that we would have the capacity to protect ourselves at times that natural calamities happen. In order for us to be safe from these happenings, we can undergo different seminars or workshops and participate in various safety drills at work, at school, at public places, or even at home.

We all could not afford to take our own safety for granted so we all need to do what we can to have personal security all the time. There are a lot of other things that we can do to avoid putting our safety at risks. It is just a matter of making little sacrifices for a greater purpose for our own benefit.

Renters Insurance Is Great But Renters Should Strongly Consider Installing Apartment Alarms

I have been asked many times by my customers whether or not I think it is really necessary for them to install an apartment alarm in their apartment. My reply to this question is always very simple “Do you want to keep the stuff you have in your apartment?” If the answer to this question is yes and you don’t wish someone would just come and relive you of every material possession within the apartment than installing an alarm systems is an absolute no-brainer. Renters very often assume that they are somehow in less danger of being burglarized then there home owning counterparts when the truth of the matter is the exact opposite. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, apartments see a burglary rate 79% higher than single family homes. Rental properties saw 210 property crimes per 1,000 households nationwide, while owned properties experienced only 146 property crimes per 1,000 households in 2001, the bureau reported.

Another reason people that are renting do not secure apartment alarms may be because they wrongfully assume that doing so would be an expensive and potentially time consuming endeavor. This is absolutely not true when you consider the fact that there is usually less space to secure in an apartment and often something as simple as an apartment door guard alarm can cost less than the universal remote to your television. And securing an apartment is oftentimes much simpler and cost effective than securing a home for multiple reasons. For one, if you live on a floor other than the first floor a door guard alarm is all that you may realistically need as someone is very unlikely to enter the residence through a window, unless of course spider man is robbing your place. Secondly, even if you are on the first floor or in a garden apartment there just aren’t as many windows and doors to secure as is the case with the average single family home.

Renters insurance is an exceptionally wise decision but it should by no means be the one and only source of insuring your property. First and foremost, insurance can replace an item but what if the original item held significant emotional attachment? The best renters insurance policy on the planet can’t replace that. Secondly, if you are robbed and have to use your renters insurance policy to replace stolen items than I absolutely assure you that you will see an increase in your premium regardless of what the insurance salesman tries to tell you or how the company tries to hide this increase. And thirdly, and most important, renters insurance cannot replace the sense of insecurity and violation one will naturally feel once they’ve been the victim of a break-in.

So for all of these reasons and for ones I haven’t even mentioned please strongly consider securing your apartment with some form of apartment alarm.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer